Cruz Mead


Cruz was born in York, PA and started making hunting and fishing videos in late 2014. After many views and requests for more videos, he began a show called Cruzin' Woods N' Waters. Mead has been sitting in tree stands since the age of four with is dad. Watching the wildlife, hearing the birds chirp through the woods, seeing deer and feeling very inspired, he couldn't wait to start hunting himself just like his dad. With the mentor license Cruz started hunting at seven years old. At that time he was diagnosed with an unknown type of skeletal dysplasia (dwarfism) and the doctors said Cruz would not hit five feet tall. In October of 2008 he was put on peritoneal dialysis for ten hours a night due to kidney failure. Both of his parents were a match to give him a kidney, in fact in 2009 Mead received a kidney from his mom. Since then he has been doing great and his kidneys are functioning well. Cruz joined the Rack Daddies team in 2017 after becoming friends with Axel and Trevor. He is a vital part to the team and helps film, photograph and create content that we post.

York, Pennsylvania

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