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Here at Rack Daddies Hunting & Fishing, our mission and vision is simple. Don't just impress. Impact. We live in a social media world, where almost every person is searching for some sort of gratification from others in everything they do and  post. Most do a good deed just to impress others while reaping the reward and praises from others. In a world full of impressions, where did meaning and true empathy go? Have we lost the true meaning in what we're doing? How has this generation pulled so far away from the morals and teachings of God?

It's time for an impact. It's time to step up to the plate and take action. We're here to pour our hearts, souls and passion into hunting and filming. We're here to impact our surrounding communities inside and outside of hunting. We're here to help build the next generation of hunters and ensure their land is protected. We strive to share the word of God by being real, raw and genuine. Don't be mistaken, we're no where near perfect. We have a lot to learn but our passion for making an impact through hunting will go unmatched. And the best part of it all? We have a blast doing it. 

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