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Meet The Team

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Axel Hartman

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Noah Markle

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Trevor Sweitzer

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Luke Ritz

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With a field staff wide spread from Oklahoma to PA, our group of men and women share a love with the outdoors and interact over all platforms together. Being on the RD Field Staff enables discounts through most of our sponsors and a great discount for RD merch! 

Rack Daddies was founded in 2014, what started out as something fun to do soon turned into a dream job. Three main components make up what we do here at RD. The first is our apparel brand, which has over 75 hat options and anything from t-shirts to Yetis, we sell online, at trade shows and at local dirt track speedways. The second thing we do is our Seasonal episodes for Waypoint TV and Deer Tour series on our youtube. These episodes and series take viewers on hunts across the country and dive more into the brand of Rack Daddies along the way. Our final component that makes up RD is our content creation side, we offer video and photo services for the biggest outdoor brands to local businesses here in Central Pennsylvania. You can find us on almost every social platform and can reach us for work at  

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