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Axel was born and raised on the west end of York, Pennsylvania. He grew up with passion for baseball and golf, then became hooked on hunting at the age of 8 years old. His father, Ron Hartman, introduced him to the outdoors through squirrel and pheasant hunting, and he began filming his fathers bow hunts at the age of 12 with a small digital camera. Hartman is always up for whatever hunt is next, and loves to spend an equal amount of time behind the camera as he does with his bow and gun. Axel's experience in the industry outside of Rack Daddies ranges from filming for some of the most popular shows like Major League Bowhunter, and is even the show runner for the Outdoor Channel hit series, For Love or Likes."My goals for Rack Daddies go much further than having a ground breaking show. I want us to be able to show other people how they can build valuable relationships by sharing the outdoors with one another, and gain a deeper understanding of God's beauty here on Earth."

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