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Head of Racing

Noah was born in York, PA and hunting has been in his blood since his first squirrel hunt at the age of 8 with his father and uncle. The rush of adrenaline he felt hunting squirrels was nothing compared to his first deer he harvested at the age of 12. 140 2/8" pope and young buck is a tough first deer to follow. Whitetail deer quickly became his passion and when season is in, he spends every waking hour chasing his next deer. Markle would not have this passion if it were not for his father and uncle continually taking him in the woods and fields to enjoy the great outdoors. "What I wish to see from the Rack Daddies in the future is not only to make it big in the hunting industry but to also just to go out and spend good quality time with friends and family and share that experience with everyone. I grew up admiring the men I was watching on TV shows and now that is becoming a part of my life I and hope to have some little kid look up to me (The Rack Daddies) that has the same desire and passion I have. I hope to bring fun and exciting episodes to our viewers every week and just to get out and spend time in God's country!"

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